Apostle Paul sets the example for us. He led the escaped slave of Philemon to the Lord. And this slave, Onesimus, became the grateful caregiver to Paul because Paul was in prison.

Onesimus became such a blessing that Paul called him his very heart. He needs Onesimus so much. Yet Paul knew he should go back to Philemon. So he appeals to Philemon, with great compassion for Onesimus, to receive him as a brother instead of a slave. This is what the book of Philemon is all about. Paul’s compassionate selflessness is so vividly displayed in this epistle. He sets the example for us.


When we come to Jesus for salvation we are not just forgiven. We are changed—regenerated.. God pours out the Holy Spirit on us. And the more we surrender to the Lord the more the Holy Spirit takes control of us. The Spirit renews us in the image of Christ.  Our desires are changed. Our outlook is changed. Our purpose is changed. And we have something to live for.

 If you are making excuses for living like you used to before you claimed salvation, you must not be washed by regeneration. You must not be saved. Get serious with God.


Alexander the coppersmith opposed Paul’s message and him personally so much that all deserted Paul. In the light of this Paul declares the Lord will rescue me from every evil deed. Yet we know that Paul was killed for his faith. How do we make sense of this?

The Lord will always rescue us from anything that would defeat his purpose to make “all things work together for good” (Romans 8:28) for us. No matter how vicious the attacks, we are assured that the Lord will rescue us from anything that would defeat his purpose for us. So if we are dedicated to living out God’s purpose we can be at peace. We can know the Lord will rescue us from the Lion’s attempt to devour the living out of this purpose. On the other hand, why should we care if things outside of God’s purpose are devoured? 


We are all coming to that point where we will have finished our race. May we be able to testify to those who will remain as Apostle Paul did.


The Bible teaches us about God, his salvation, and his will for our lives. It guides us and corrects for righteous living on the path of abundant life. It is our training manual: it teaches us to rely on God for help with all the vicissitudes of life. The Bible completes us by centering our hearts and minds on God. We are undone in our self-centeredness without it. 

We need the Bible, It is God’s written word to us. It becomes God’s active and alive Word (Heb 4:12) in us as we receive it and proclaim it to others


Be encouraged when you face persecution. Evil people don’t want the truth so this is why they persecuted people who are living out the truth in godly living. But the underlying reality is that godly lives are advancing God’s truth through their living and the truth will eventually win.

And instead of continuing to be more and more deceived, we will continual to be more and more enlightened. And instead of going from bad to worse, we will go from good to better.


It is extremely important to rightly interpret the Bible. One of the biggest errors of our time is Christians placing their hope in the second return of Christ to rectify everything instead of placing their faith in the gospel and praying earnestly enough for a great awakening and Christian revival.

Thank God Jesus is coming back at the proper time to climax what the gospel and the Church is intended to do. But we should not be copping out by depending on Christ’s return to rectify what we are supposed to do through prayer and spreading the gospel. Remember, the Holy Spirit goes with the good news of the gospel to convict people of their need of salvation.


God’s grace-purpose has been to save the world. He did this by abolishing death and giving us immortal life through Christ’s atonement. And this magnanimous, gracious act is revealed in the Gospel. Yes we know of this great salvation through the gospel. We can live and not die because of God’s “purpose and grace” revealed in the gospel.

Let’s spread the gospel. The gospel is more than just good news as has been traditionally defined. It is the convicting power of the Holy Spirit conveyed in the good news of gospel. As we spread the good news, the Holy Spirit goes with it to convict people of their need to be saved.


God doesn’t give his people a spirit of fear. He gives what enables us to live out his will—power, love, and self-control. This means that as we stay in touch with him we can conquer any fear that tends to hold us back from doing whatever we know we should do. Let’s go forward in his name trusting him to help us do what otherwise would be impossible.