All hell is arrayed against us taking hold of eternal life. Therefore we must fight to keep our faith in God firm. We must fight to keep the falsehood of Satan, designed to destroy our faith, from deceiving us. We must also fight the falsehood of the evil one which penetrates our society.

Much of our society is given over to advancing God-denying socialism. Many want to throw off all moral restraints that hinder them from doing the evil they desire to do. We must continue to preach the truth and live it out in the face of all of this, to drive back evil in society.

Yes, we must fight the good fight of faith while maintaining the joy of the Lord through seeking God and fellowshipping with him.



For the love of money is the root of all kinds of evil. “The lust of the eyes” (John 2:16) beginning with Eve in the garden of Eden when she SAW that the tree was good for food has made so many intoxicated with the god of materialism. 

Money can be a blessing to us when we rule it. But when we let it rule us it leads to all kinds of evil. It gets us and many around us into all kinds of trouble.


Here the Bible shows that exercise and healthy eating benefit the body. But training in godliness benefits in every way; it benefits the spirit and the soul as well as the body. Looking to God for life trains the spirit to keep in touch with God. The same trains the soul (the whole of the inner person) to be fully engaged with God. It trains the body with good habits for living out God’s will,

Therefore train for godliness by devoting yourself to prayer, fellowship with your Savior, and Bible study. This gives us all that God promises both in the present life and the life to come. This is real living!


No other person has ever made such an impact, or so changed the world. No wonder: No other person suffered and died for the whole world and then rose again! No other person cured the sick, gave sight to the blind, and healed the lame. No other person ever taught us so much about life and how to live it out. He was the only ever God-man, our beloved Savior, our awesome Lord, our coming King!


In my progress through the epistles I came on this, so I did not choose to write about this simply because it is so applicable to current events. But it is very relevant.

We need to pray for our president and Congress to do right and have God’s blessing as they do so. We also need to pray for God to intervene in the acts of our leaders to make their acts produce good even when they intend to do what is wrong. God does work in this way. Remember what Joseph said to his brothers, “You meant to do evil against me, but God meant it for good.”

Some of the amazing turn of events we are seeing seem to be meant to frustrate the designs of wicked leaders and provide opportunity for good to happen, in my view. Remember God is always in control. People cannot defeat his plans and agenda.

We pray for our leaders that the outcome of their actions may lead to us having “a peaceful and quiet life, godly and dignified in every way.” These conditions provide the atmosphere for us to spread the Gospel—for “people to be saved and to come to the knowledge of the truth.” And it tends to push back the influences that block people from the truth.


I printed out all the passages in the Bible that mention the words, sinner and sinners,
and studied them for writing my book, Plugged-in to the Dynamic Word. I discovered that all these passages were obviously referring to unbelievers with the usage of these words, except these verses. 

One could take Paul calling himself the foremost or the chief (KJV) of sinners as meaning  he was now a sinner. But obviously—interpreting this in the context of all the other references in the Bible— he is speak of the totality of his life which included the time he advocated killing Christians before he came to Christ. He is not meaning that he is presently a sinner when he writes this. He said to the Jewish council, “Brothers, I have lived my life before God in all good conscience up to this day” (Acts 23:1). 

The Bible calls God’s people Christians and saints, not sinners. Biblical Christians have been delivered from the practice of willful sinning.


The grace of our Lord has delivered us from our former lives of going against what was good for us in our ignorance. We now live in the faith and love that are in Jesus, delivered from the dysfunctionality of hating others and trusting in ourselves in place of trusting God. What great joy we experience!

What great joy we experience!


Only in close, vital relationship with God can we have constant, abiding peace. This peace comes from the God of peace. It cannot be understood. It can only be experienced. Some things frustrate our minds and inflict illness on our bodies. But God’s peace flows too deep in our souls to be disturbed by these more surface problems. How blessed we are to have God’s deep settled peace! It flows like a river in our hearts, in our souls.